Thursday, December 6, 2007


National decided it would invent a model that could address to all concerns. The A-LA-UNO was engineered with a powerful bowl-scouring spiraling flush and an internal tank that uses common dish soap. According to National, the combination produces a double-bubble whammy with amazing cleaning power. Yet the A-LA-UNO uses much less water than previous toilets, saving owners almost 13,000 yen every year in water bills ($110).
The A-LA-UNO comes with internal LED lighting that illuminates the floor and glows inside the tank. It's also equipped with 12 music tracks and 3-D stereo speakers for those who like or who want to camouflage other sounds intrinsic to toilet time.
Plus, the A-LA-UNO has an odor eliminating fan and sensors that automatically lift the lid when you enter the room and close it after you've left. As an added bonus, the seat heats up instantly—but only when its being used—providing over 5,000 yen more in savings versus toilets that are constantly warmed.

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